A few thoughts from our dance family…
“Once upon a time, I had a little girl who was shy.  She started Tap class and Hip Hop.  Then, one year she made the dance team.  Within a few months, she came out of her shell.   She was at home.   She amazed us all with her personality and willingness to try new things: Musical Theatre, Fringe Festival, and performing an impromptu solo at a Hip Hop competition.  Rising Star is small, but it is a second home to my 2 girls.  If you want a small school, teachers who will know your child’s name and who care about your child’s progress, given the same opportunity to perform as other dancers at all levels, then this is the place for you.  The learning experience, friends, and family-like atmosphere is what makes this school special.  The Rising Star family is a special one.  Someone is always available to answer your questions, whether the teachers, front desk or Allison, herself.   And, there is always a mom around to answer any questions or lead you in the right direction!   Because, even the parents are friendly and close…  with one goal in mind – to let their child(ren) grow and blossom and develop their passion of dancing, because when your child dances, your child becomes whoever she imagines.”

~Tracy A. 

“Rising Star is a home away from home for us.  Everyone at the studio has become like family.  They truly care about their students and look out for the children’s best interests.”

~Rose-Zan M.